Our fabulous team!

Eclectic, energectic, strong, assertive and fun are just a few of the adjectives I could use to describe our motley crew! Passionate, committed and profoundly authentic is what drives us to keep learning and growing both individually and collectively. I love us!

Mr Thomas Barker

Our faithful friend and ever enigmatic Thomas Barker has taken the bold step of moving his young family to the United Kingdom as he cuts his teeth at re-establishing a well-known Bistro in Bath. Tilley's Bistro is a legend in this beautiful city.

Clive Wilson

One thing I love about life is how, if we're lucky, we never really lose connection with anyone. It was a complete but welcome surprise when Clive Wilson dropped me an email and said 'Hey, wanna work together again?'

Siobhan Records

Another strong, determined, focussed and successful independant woman that we love working with. Siobhan is an exceptionally talented horse-rider and trainer who happens to be a very good friend to boot!
Creative Think Tank based in Johannesburg


When you're tired of high costs, low creative outputs and you want a imaginative team who actually listens then The Vision Board is ready to welcome you with open arms!
Director - iCapital

Lance Williams

We are always thrilled to be recommended by a current client because it means that we've done something right. Lance William is the brother of Rowan Williams, founder of Nitrogen Fund Managers.

Craig Whitlock

Whilst we often feel that our twitter stream is really only fodder for wasted time Stoller is proof that something we said made an impact!

Bronwyn Roebuck

The one element that all our customers have in common is their business style despite the varied industries in which we're blessed to work. We seem to be privileged to work with companies, large and small, whose one over-riding goal is authentic and ethical business values.
Arch Angel - Tilted Halo

Vanessa Rees

Another emerging creative company spear-headed by a woman - anyone else see a pattern here?

Stewart Somerville

Intrepid leader and visionary Stewart Somerville decided that, it wasn't enough that he'd championed Geotab South Africa into new markets. He was determined to take the middle east by storm in setting up Geotab Telematics.
Thomas Barker - Restranteur

Thomas Barker

It's actually hard to remember when we didn't work with this unique and highly creative man, Thomas Barker. A wonderful human being, man of original ideas and many, many cufflinks! Somewhere along the lines I became 'Bob' and each call starts with him imitating the sound of my horses hooves
Karin Koep

Karen Koep

Well I mean you had me at horses didn't you! Again I'm a self-confessed animal lover so any time someone comes our way that is affiliated to them I make unilateral decisions to take on the work! Run exceptionally well by Karin Koep this stud has and continues to forge an exceptionally good name in a very tricky arena - she has gorgeous horses too - lots of them!

Andreas Kahlau

You know when they sad that madness often follows genius? Well, that's not applicable here - Andreas is all genius.
Kirsten & Browen

Kirsten & Bronwen

I'm seeing a pattern here - another organisation at the helm of which two strong, creative and talented women welcome with open arms corporates and individuals who realise that it's time for a change.
Gustav Piater

Gustav Piater

I can hardly open my eyes without seeing references to BI (business intelligence for anyone whose just arrived from Mars!) and the YellowFin South Africa team are putting meaning into those conversations. Resolutely human in a technologically driven world these guys and gals are fun to work with but serious about success.
Ideas Generator - The Vision Board

Alexandra Parry

It's weird writing about myself I usually write about others but 'they' insisted. I'm part of The Vision Board - I've had vision boards for as long as I can remember and believe them to work - just like we do - well!

Post House Parties

Owned by one of my oldest and dearest Durban friends this has just been fun to work on. Best known for our horse-riding antics in our youth Nicole and I spent many, many hours at horse shows - long before Facebook and LinkedIn made us friends!

Brescia House School

I've been out of a school for a long (long!) time but the first time I stepped foot through Brescia's front door memories came flooding back.
Managing Director - DPA

Moses Honu

A lover of fine wine makes this enigmatic man even more appealing to me! As one of our oldest and most loyal clients Moses is a blessing to work with.


As a self-confessed animal lover to do work with a company that supplies their food...
Photo Journalist Phenomenon

Dave Hamman

For an internationally acclaimed and immensely brilliant wildlife photographer Dave is totally unassuming. Popping in for help with his mac whenever he's about to completely kill it we sit for hours -

Dave White

This husband and wife team really bring life to a method of transport taken for granted by most of us.
CEO - Delight@Work

Rick Parry

This is a tough one. Rick Parry is my Dad! There I said it but being related only inspires our team to work harder, smarter and more creatively to prove that we deserve the work.
MIP Holdings Chief Executive

Richard Firth

Long admired for their sheer brilliance we were just gob-smacked when they asked us for help ... we were like children on Christmas morning. We met them thought the meeting went really well but then ...

Rowan Williams

They've paid... we better get the work done! I mean this has to have been the ultimate client - the simplest brief, the easiest to please and just a sheer delight ...